Sunday, June 26, 2005

Law-keeping or fruit-bearing?

The law not only provokes rebellion against God, but in many also puffs up the pride of self-conscious adherence to ethical standards as demanding as those of the strictest of nationalism, humanism, Judaism, Islam, and various sects of heterodox Christianity. Even the most materialistic professionals can find self-satisfaction in their work ethic, contribution to family and society, and compliance with the codes of ethics set by their colleagues. How does the yoke of the despised Nazarene differ?

The gospel breathes life into transgressors executed by God's unbending law. Only the proclamation of forgiveness and freedom in the Suffering Servant can call forth the beautiful meekness of spontaneous, joyful worship in the Spirit that leads to nonjudgmental grace and sacrificial compassion extended even to enemies. "Against such there is no law."