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The Augsburg Aggregator provides convenient access to recent weblog entries by authors who adhere to the Augsburg Confession. Member blogs are supported by Crux Sola, a confessional Lutheran search engine.

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Recent news on the Augsburg Aggregator

For pre-2008 news archives, go to the Augsburg Aggregator, open the folder called "The Augsburg Aggregator" and click "About the Augsburg Aggregator."

Members and awardees

Everyone with a blog listed on is invited to display one of these statements:
* I am an Ambassador of Reconciliation in the Augsburg Aggregator.
* I am a Confessor of the Son of Man in the Augsburg Aggregator.
* I am a Herald of Good News in the Augsburg Aggregator.
* We are Confessors of the Son of Man in the Augsburg Aggregator.
* etc.
(Theologians of the Cross exclusively dedicate their writing to christology, Ambassadors of Reconciliation are known ministers of word and sacrament, Confessors of the Son of Man also in effect subscribe to the Augsburg Confession via their weblogs, and Heralds of Good News are anonymous and pseudonymous bloggers.)

Web pages listed as Augsburg Aggregator Awards recipients may display one of these statements:
* This page received an Augsburg Aggregator Award on [date].
* Augsburg Aggregator Award winner.


If your blog is already in the Augsburg Aggregator and you would like to nominate an outstanding confessional Lutheran blog for inclusion, please send me its URL with that of a page from your blog that lists your email address. Listed blogs must meet the criteria for the "Theologians of the cross" folder or the following criteria:

* Agreement with the Book of Concord;
* Emphasis on theology, not politics, sports, beer, procreation, ridicule, or personal lives;
* Respectful language devoid of slander and unnecessary vulgarly;
* A nomination from a contributor to a blog already listed in the Aggregator.

These standards are intended to serve the admittedly narrow purpose of the Aggregator, to provide convenient access to helpful introductions to orthodox christology. More inclusive blogrolls are available in many of the following blogs.


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Gloria Patri

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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Dawning Realm proclaims the good news of the kingdom as confessed at Caesarea Philippi, Nicaea, and Augsburg.
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