Software for estimation of the mode


The software of this page implements most of the methods of this paper:

D. R. Bickel and R. Frühwirth (contributed equally), "On a fast, robust estimator of the mode: Comparisons to other robust estimators with applications," Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 50, 3500-3530 (2006). Full preprint

Mathematica implementation

The Mathematica functions and documentation

R implementations (readily ported to S-PLUS)


The half-sample mode estimator is included in the "Estimation.r" file of Statomics. Please consult the documentation in the Statomics zip file for installation instructions. The usage of HSM follows:
> source('Estimation.r')
> hsm(c(10,2,5))


Paul Poncet's modeest package implements the half-range mode, the half-sample mode, and the mode-based skewness of D. R. Bickel, "Robust estimators of the mode and skewness of continuous data," Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 39, 153-163 (2002).

MATLAB implementation

This software may be available from Rudolf Fruehwirth.


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