Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sacraments and the eschatological kingdom of God

The Sacraments are more than signs. They are acts of God, miracles of Christ, in which the saving works of his earthly days continue, just as does his proclamation of the Gospel in the preaching of his church. Just as the healing of the dead, the blind, the leprous and the raising of the dead were not only a "visible Word"... but more than that, namely, deeds in which the advent of the kingdom of God was announced. Thus the kingdom of God is already present in the Sacraments. And just as Word and deed, or more precisely, deed and Word (according to Matt 11:5 and Luke 24:19), belong in separately together in the works of Jesus, so Word and Sacrament belong together in the life of the church, and indeed not only in baptismal, confessional, or Lord's Supper addresses, but ever again also in the Sunday sermon, in the Bible class, ...
--Sasse, H. Circular Letter 4 to Westphalian Pastors: [Holy Baptism] In The Lonely Way, Volume 2, pp. 157-158, St. Louis, Missouri: Concordia Publishing House, 2002.