Sunday, October 23, 2005

Intelligent design or Christ crucified?

SCIENCE AND RELIGION: 200 Years of Accommodation -- Cutler 309 (5740): 1493 -- Science:
"In looking for purpose and design in every aspect of the world, even human misery and the worst social inequality, Paley presented an image of God as a compassionless technocrat. Natural theologians had long been criticized for emphasizing God the Creator over God the Redeemer. Paley's book nowhere mentions Jesus. When Darwin grieved over the death of his beloved daughter at the age of ten, Paley's watchmaker God was cold comfort at best. It was this, as much as any intellectual argument, that undermined Darwin's Christian faith. Natural theology's theology was ultimately as unsatisfying as its science."

From Alan Cutler's Science (Vol. 309, pp. 1493-4) review of Before Darwin: Reconciling God and Nature, by Keith Thomson.