The source code of the BioinfoStat software for multiple comparisons may be downloaded as a tar archive file. If double-clicking the file does not expand it, type this in the Mac OS X Terminal or UNIX command line after changing the directory:

gnutar -pxf bioinfostat.tar

BioinfoStat is compatible with Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. It requires a recent installation of R, a free statistical computing environment that is similar to S-PLUS.

BioinfoStat implements methods of testing multiple hypotheses, including the bootstrapping methods described in this paper:

D. R. Bickel, “Microarray gene expression analysis: Data transformation and multiple-comparison bootstrapping,” Computing Science and Statistics 34, 383-400, Interface Foundation of North America (Proceedings of the 34th Symposium on the Interface, Montréal, Québec, Canada, April 17-20, 2002); preprint on Full text of the paper

Updated versions of some of the functions in BioinfoStat are available in the Statomics software suite. BioinfoStat was first made available from this web site as free open source software on 5/2/03.

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